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Marlivale Farm


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Grown seasonally in the sub tropical climate of the Nimbin Valley, we rely on natural rainfall to feed our dryland rice fields and grow the hardy, staple grain you see here.

We grow two varieties of brown rice in our fields in Goolmangar.

Medium Grain: Tachiminori, a Japanese upland variety. This variety of rice holds it’s structure when cooking, leading to a firm bite and is our most versatile rice, great for sushi to salads, and everything in-between.

Jasmine: Kyeema is our long-grain variety of jasmine rice. It shines as a side for Indian and Thai curries alike, filling the kitchen with a lovely aroma when cooking.

Insecticide and gluten free, these fresh seasonal grains belong in your fridge or freezer all year round.

Check out our really reliable rice for optimal cooking technique. 

Keep in the fridge or freezer and enjoy within twelve months. 

For orders of 5kg or more, please get in touch for better shipping rates.